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Influence on Children from Online Games

In the UK, recent arguments in the press have included whether children are being enticed to gamble because of Facebook casino games. However, this inquiry has branched out into arguing about the overall influence of prevalent fixed-odds betting machines and the burgeoning online gambling industry. For example, Ladbrokes and other gambling retailers have over 33,000 locations in the UK, and those firms anticipate installing over 100 more in the next year.

Are UK kids influenced to gamble by Facebook games?

Gambling on Facebook

Experts in the UK are stating that online games, like poker games or casino games found on Facebook, are encouraging children to form a gambling addiction. To decrease this influence, these experts suggest giving students courses in gambling to educate them on the addictive nature of online games. Suggested topics include the build-up of debts and the dangers of losing. The analogy currently being used is that the way gambling online games entice the under-16 crowd is by giving the games away for free by offering virtual money, and this hooks them into accessing paid games as they age.

Plot thickens as Chancellor fraternizes with bet machine boss

Chancellor George Osborne is currently under pressure from the press due to his personal invitation to a major betting machine boss, Luke Alvarez. Alvarez was invited by Osborne to go to a recent trade industry trip to Beijing, China. Altogether, Osborne invited 20 business leaders to go on the trip. The firm owned by Alvarez currently supplies almost 17,000 of the UK’s 34,000 fixed-odds betting machines. Osborne is being accused of caring about profits, and not the possible deleterious effects of these betting machines.

UK Labour Party favours curbing gambling

While the issue may continue to be debated in the next year, the Labour Party has confirmed that it wants limits placed on the predominate hi-tech betting machines that are a majority of the gambling industries income. For example, Ed Miliband specifically aims at the high-stakes roulette machines. Also known in bookmakers’ shops as fixed-odds betting terminals, MPs accuse bet shops of placing these facilities in the poorest areas of Britain. Research compiled by the Guardian UK newspaper shows that people in poorer areas place four times as many bets as people from more affluent areas. This, and other statistical data, is prompting talk of reform and increased taxation.

Three Things To Look For In An Online Casino

The internet has brought every kind of entertainment facility into your home. With online casinos these so called forbidden fruits have landed in people’s homes and smartphones. Looking at the burgeoning interest of players in internet-based companies, several unscrupulous offshore operators have set up illegal websites and started extracting money from unsuspecting players while offering them substandard facilities. So as a regular casino player if you want to try out online casinos and facilities they provide, then use these three benchmarks to understand their worthiness before depositing money in them.

Online Casino

  • Check for industry seniority

Online casino websites that have been in the industry for several years and are always in the news for innovative game offerings and honest dealings are the most reliable ones to try out for the first time. If the casino is old then it will have interesting games as interest level of online gamers are very fickle and it is difficult to retain them for long time. A good example is https://www.aussieonlinepokies.com, as they have a collection of the safest and most trusted online pokies to choose from.

  • Bonus and payouts

Irrespective of the size and brand value of the website, websites that give best bonuses and progressive jackpots are the most popular. Casino players that play slots, dealer games or card games will never go to a casino that does not pay out jackpots and bonus on a frequent basis.

  • Ratings and references

There are several experts that give ratings to online casino firms on the basis of fair play and backer’s history. So it is best to check ratings of online casino firm that is rated highly and has interesting games that are recommended by rating firms so your money is well spent and you have fun in the privacy of home.

Channel your Inner-Viking

Viking Slots GameThere’s very little use in denying that a poignant theme is a spectacular draw when it comes to the business of online gaming. A tradition thankfully carried over from the world of land based casinos, with their Caesars palaces and Ancient Egyptian hints, a prominent theme helps to establish a certain mood and adds to the general experience of gaming.

Many thought this may be lost when competitive wagering made the transition to the online sphere, and how wrong they were. Strong evocative themes not only exist within online gambling – but thrive. Take for instance the recent breakthrough ‘Viking Slots’ casino. With a classic yet highly careful setting, the site has managed to encapsulate a time period not usually explored in this industry and in the process develop a highly unique market for itself. Bravo indeed.

A must-visit for all of those gamers who enjoy a splash on adventure with their gambling, Viking Slots has another trick up its sleeve – one of the best welcoming bonuses out there at the minute.

Broken down into four individual parts, the bonus is staggered in order to be delivered in quarters – making it all the more rewarding!

  • Step one: Upon registering with the site, you will be granted an instant total of 20 free spins for popular slot Starburst
  • Step two: Upon making your first deposit with the casino, you will be granted a 100% match-up bonus (to the maximum total of £200).
  • Step three: If you are as bold as to deposit once more the very next day, you will be granted 40 free spins for the highly popular slot Fruity Friends.
  • Step four: If you deposit once more the next again day you will receive yet another 40 free spins – this time for Twin Spin.

Are you still here? Get over to Viking Slots right now!

Betway adds Horse Racing to Their Repertoire of Sports

Betway is a relatively newer member of a host of sports betting sites that are available in the UK. Started out in 2006, Betway has so far managed to stay true to their promise of being a complete package of sports betting and online casino games.

Betway uses Microgaming for most of their currently available games. A few live games were recently tried out using NetEnt platform, as well. However, the biggest attraction at Betway has always been their advanced user-centric sports betting facilities.

The sports covered so far at Betway included most of English football leagues including the Premier League; county cricket; rugby and tennis.

Betway adds horse racing

However, in a recent release, the company has announced that they have secured official betting ties with a number of major and minor racing championships in the UK.

The UK sports betting is primarily dominated by the big three betting companies in Ladbrokes, PaddyPower and Bet365. These racing deals are widely seen as an effort from Betway to further strengthen their grip on the remainder of the UK sports betting scene. This rings true especially in the context that Betway managed to secure the Queen Mother Champion Chase for three years straight, starting from 2014.

Alan Elgar of Betway, in an enthusiastic response, exclaimed that Betway was ‘thrilled’ to be a part of the UK racing sports –especially some of the courses that have a historic standing in the UK racing and sports culture.

Everything put together, Betway has £1 million, or thereabouts, already pledged as the prize money for various racing events and more would definitely be added to that once the pending contracts with some major races go through to completion.

New Horse Race Betting App from Derby Games

New Horse Race Betting App From Derby Games

Derby Games has come up with a new betting app for iOS users in the USA. This mobile app is called Derby Jackpot and it is a real-money app for horse race betting.

Hit the jackpot

Horse racing by Derby GamesDerby Jackpot is the first real-money app for horse race betting that Apple has approved for its users. Through this app by Derby Games horse racing enthusiasts can watch and bet on horse races across the US through their mobile devices. This certainly makes it easier to bet on horse races and no doubt the app will gain in popularity amongst race betting fans.

Apple has been okay with real-money apps if proper licensing is in place. It has been allowing such apps on its devices if all conditions are met. One of the conditions is that the app is available for free in its app store. Another condition is that app use must be limited to places, which the license permits. It seems Derby Jackpot meets all conditions set by Apple.

Betting on horse races through the app is quite simple. Bettors have to select a horse and the betting amount and use the ‘place bet’ button in the app. Then all they have to do is watch the race and see if they won or lost the bet.

A good deal

The idea of horse race betting app certainly seems like a good business decision. As of now such apps are not widely available for mobile devices. Google hasn’t allowed real-money apps for betting yet and Apple certainly is quite stricter about licensing of such apps. The availability of real-money bets for horse race gambling may certainly prove profitable for all parties involved. The app interface is simple and allows for maximum fun. Bets can be as low as 10 cents but can offer huge rewards.

Matt Myles

Lottery Winner Returns Home after Months

There are many outlandish tales of lottery winners all over the world. Some save and spend on necessities; others spend it all in one go and end up where they were financially. Then there are those who first splurge in style and then think of the essentials such as a house or a car. One Matt Myles falls in this last category of lottery winners.

Winning and spending in style

Matt Myles at 27 years of age has won the big million prize from the EuroMillions Raffle by National Lottery. He worked in a factory in Hereford, but he quit his job upon his winning the big sum. Saving himself from a life of on shift after another, the young winner decided to celebrate in style.

In less than three days after winning the jackpot, he was already on his way to Indonesia to join a group of friends. Since then he has been to one exciting location to another all over the world.

His brother has been his constant companion on most of his trips. He has also paid for some of his friends when they accompanied him to various exotic locations. So far he has been to many locations in south-east Asia, to Hong Kong, to Brazil to witness the soccer world cup excitement, Peru, Australia, Ibiza, Egypt and others. He also used three months to do some voluntary work in Africa. His travels after his £1 million lottery win have made him the topics of many news features.


That is not all

Matt Myles has also invested a part of winning sum and also used some funds to start a real estate business with his brother. He also hopes to enrol for a course to become an airline pilot, which doesn’t come as a surprise given his love of travelling. Showing his responsible side, it seems he has set himself a splurge limit of £100,000.

National Lottery has created many winners in its 20 year history. From the initial group of winners in 1994 to incredibly stylish spenders like Matt Myles, National Lottery has changed many lives over the years in more ways than one.

Card Player of the Year

As poker continues to draw enthusiastic hopefuls to the tables each year, only a few emerge victorious.

The 2014 Card Player of the Year race has just started, and things are shaping up nicely for a few new hopefuls.

Card Player of the year 2014

The 2014 Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure had a big impact on overall standings this week in the race for 2014 Card Player of the Year. Over 1,000 players showed up for this $10,300 No-Limit Hold’em main event with a guaranteed price pool of $10,000,000. The winner was Dominik Panka, a 22 year old Polish player. As a player in Europe, he made European Poker Tour history as the first Polish player to win an EPT main event. He earned $1,423,096 and 2,400 POY points which put him in first place standings for the 2014 Card Player of the Year. Panka also placed in two other cash events in 2013 in London and Barcelona.

Second place went to Mike McDonald with winnings of $1,064,865 and 2000 POY points. McDonald is a young Canadian player who has dominated some major tournaments. His first major win was in 2007 where he placed 14th in the European Poker Tour main event held in Prague. This young man, barely over 18 years old, won more that $28,000 in the Prague event. In 2008, he followed that up with three cash wins in the 2008 Aussie Millions, and became the youngest person to win an EPT event when he won in Dortmund, Germany. His unique poker strategies have made him a big contender on the poker circuit at such a young age.

Third place was secured by Issac Barron, a US player from California. Baron has racked up a lot of cash and made quite a name for himself in online poker and poker cards tournaments. In 2007, he was named the first-ever Card Player Online Player of the Year. His online wins include the Poker Stars Sunday Million for $254,517, the Full Tilt $750,000 guaranteed tournament, and a Poker Stars $75,000 event. In 2008, he finished in fourth place in the 2008 European Poker Tour Grand Final winning more that $900,000 and in 2009, won the Caesars Palace Classic.

online casino

Winning Pound for Pound



For many online casinos, promotions are the name of the game. As 2014 begins to unfold, Game Village takes this strategy to heart and increases the excitement for players both far and wide. Prizes and bonuses are overflowing for anyone logging on to play with them. The first spectacular offer to come the way of players is a Bingo offer with exclusive opportunities for new players. A 10-pound, no deposit bonus is being presented on top of a cash match bonus of up to 250 percent. New players get these advantages along with a 10-pound gift voucher.

There are very few limitations to the promotions that they are offering as well. Players only need to make a 14 or 20-pound deposit in order to receive gifts that include points on deposits, cards free of charge, and cash gifts. The virtual bingo halls also offer unique chances for winning. A full house on Ball 10 earns players cash prizes and other bonuses. Prizes start at 10 pounds and increase by 10 pounds each and every day until a winner is found. Once the jackpot has been claimed, the winnings begin again at 10 pounds.

The Village Inn gives players the chance to quickly win 100 pounds when they guess the correct number of the first balls during the last hour of game play. Should the precise number not be guessed, players on both sides of the total will be awarded 50 pounds each. Guesses can be made each day online through the all-accessible forum. Speed Bingo draws in a huge number of players on a regular basis, giving them the chance to win their part of 1000 pounds. The players with the most wins is placed in a prize drawing that takes place daily. Getting in on the action with 90 Ball Bingo on a daily basis provides the chance to 10 ponds on top of entrance into a drawing for 22 valuable prizes.