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New Horse Race Betting App from Derby Games

New Horse Race Betting App From Derby Games

Derby Games has come up with a new betting app for iOS users in the USA. This mobile app is called Derby Jackpot and it is a real-money app for horse race betting.

Hit the jackpot

Horse racing by Derby GamesDerby Jackpot is the first real-money app for horse race betting that Apple has approved for its users. Through this app by Derby Games horse racing enthusiasts can watch and bet on horse races across the US through their mobile devices. This certainly makes it easier to bet on horse races and no doubt the app will gain in popularity amongst race betting fans.

Apple has been okay with real-money apps if proper licensing is in place. It has been allowing such apps on its devices if all conditions are met. One of the conditions is that the app is available for free in its app store. Another condition is that app use must be limited to places, which the license permits. It seems Derby Jackpot meets all conditions set by Apple.

Betting on horse races through the app is quite simple. Bettors have to select a horse and the betting amount and use the ‘place bet’ button in the app. Then all they have to do is watch the race and see if they won or lost the bet.

A good deal

The idea of horse race betting app certainly seems like a good business decision. As of now such apps are not widely available for mobile devices. Google hasn’t allowed real-money apps for betting yet and Apple certainly is quite stricter about licensing of such apps. The availability of real-money bets for horse race gambling may certainly prove profitable for all parties involved. The app interface is simple and allows for maximum fun. Bets can be as low as 10 cents but can offer huge rewards.

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Huge Rise in Mobile Gambling


Huge Rise in Mobile Gambling2The technology associated with mobile applications has definitely been growing on an exponential level. Along with those changes, the perceptions of mobile gambling are also being altered. There was a time when people were skeptical about the possible impact of mobile gambling. “Why would we want to play casino games on our cell phone?” That was the old response to mobile gambling. Times have changed since then.

The new iPhone model was announced this week, and it provided a snapshot into how important mobiles have become to the modern generation. Aside from the glitz and glamor associated with the announcement, the details of the presentation were telling. People are very concerned with how much memory a phone has, what the screen size will be, and what types of games they will get to play on it.

With Apple and Android competing over getting people to buy their phones, software developers have been benefiting from this battle. The more phones these two companies sell, the more downloads each popular software will get. Mobile gambling has definitely helped from this phenomenon.

Simple Games –

The beauty of mobile gambling is that everything is very simple. Instead of having a high graphics game that tries (and usually fails) to replicate the Vegas experience, mobile apps give people what they want. These applications allow gamblers to focus on the matter at hand: their next betting decision. Whether it is a mobile poker game, blackjack game, or mobile sports betting app, there has been a huge surge in popularity for these products.

The modern online gambler wants something simple. They do not want a mobile gambling application that takes them weeks to learn. The mobile gambling apps that succeed are the ones you can download, enter your personal and payment information, and begin gambling within minutes. By creating these applications, software developers and mobile gambling companies are opening a huge avenue of potential revenues.

Mobile gambling is only 10-15 percent of revenue for typical online gambling sites, but the numbers are growing more every year. In ten or fifteen years, that percentage will be 60 or 70 percent.

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