NBA Will Not Oppose Canadian Sports Betting Bill

IOC states that legal betting helps to build stronger attachment of fans to a sport Betting on single games is banned in Canada but active campaigns from individuals and groups has forced the Canadian Senate to consider a bill presently referred to as “C-290” which can repeal the ban and make sports betting legal in Canada. Though the bill had been cleared in the House of Commons around three years ago, it was stuck in Senate and will expire in June if not cleared by its members. Members of parliament that are in favour of the bill are not very hopeful of the bill going through this year either, due to the mixed reaction of the legislature with regards to sports betting.



Opinion of professional sports organisations on this bill

All the top professional sports organisation of United States comprising of NCAA, National Football League, National Hockey League and Major League Baseball are opposing the bill. The International Olympic Committee however supports this bill as it would lead to regulated sports betting instead of the current illegal activity that is happening in the country. IOC states that legal betting helps to build stronger attachment of fans to a sport and generates money that can help in financing the sport. But other sporting organisations have sent strong protest letters to Senate stating that the bill will affect integrity and trust of public in the game.


View of NBA about the bill

Along with Canadian Soccer Association, Canadian Labour Council, Canadian Chamber of Commerce and several gaming regulators, operators and municipal governments now the National Basketball Association has joined the list of supporters for the bill. Their argument is that it will bring in much needed funds to the sport and protect people from being scammed by illegal operators. According to the Vice President of Canadian Gaming Association, if this bill gets rejected by Senate, another bill will get drafted with stronger safeguards next session of Parliament as sports betting is now a part of professional sports in the country.