Learn About Sports Betting History at Mob Museum

Are you an avid sports betting enthusiast and are keen on gaining more knowledge about historical antecedents and background of sports betting? Do you want to learn how organized crime and law enforcement agencies are constantly at loggerheads with each other? Then visit the Mob Museum located in downtown Las Vegas to understand how the top czars of gambling carry out business and stay away from controversies and crime. With sports betting being a topic of hot debate around the world, the Mob Museum will organise a courtroom conversation about history of sports betting in United States on January 21. The topic will be discussed among lawmakers, media and general public where each group will put forth its views on the topic.

Mob Museum sports betting

Sports betting in the United States

Though sports’ betting has been allowed in Vegas since early 1931, there are interesting stories in history about the activity being illegally carried out in other cities, which have led to controversies and scandals. Experts like Pete Bernhard, Barry Lieberman, Art Manteris and Ted Sevransky will present details about the machinations involved in Black Sox Scandal of 1919 and how organized crime has always managed to retain its grip over illegal bookmaking and sports betting. Listed among “20 places every American should see” by Fox News, the museum contains engaging exhibits and artifacts.

To keep a check on criminal elements in sports betting, the Nevada racing industry is trying to maintain integrity by keeping a constant check on illegal elements trying to influence the games. The museum has interactive show with high tech displays called Tropicana showing visitors recreated scenes of early casino days. Though sports’ betting is legal in Nevada, Oregon and a couple of more states it is fully operational only in Nevada. According to estimates nearly $400 billion is transacted every year in illegal sports betting across the nation.