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Channel your Inner-Viking

Viking Slots GameThere’s very little use in denying that a poignant theme is a spectacular draw when it comes to the business of online gaming. A tradition thankfully carried over from the world of land based casinos, with their Caesars palaces and Ancient Egyptian hints, a prominent theme helps to establish a certain mood and adds to the general experience of gaming.

Many thought this may be lost when competitive wagering made the transition to the online sphere, and how wrong they were. Strong evocative themes not only exist within online gambling – but thrive. Take for instance the recent breakthrough ‘Viking Slots’ casino. With a classic yet highly careful setting, the site has managed to encapsulate a time period not usually explored in this industry and in the process develop a highly unique market for itself. Bravo indeed.

A must-visit for all of those gamers who enjoy a splash on adventure with their gambling, Viking Slots has another trick up its sleeve – one of the best welcoming bonuses out there at the minute.

Broken down into four individual parts, the bonus is staggered in order to be delivered in quarters – making it all the more rewarding!

  • Step one: Upon registering with the site, you will be granted an instant total of 20 free spins for popular slot Starburst
  • Step two: Upon making your first deposit with the casino, you will be granted a 100% match-up bonus (to the maximum total of £200).
  • Step three: If you are as bold as to deposit once more the very next day, you will be granted 40 free spins for the highly popular slot Fruity Friends.
  • Step four: If you deposit once more the next again day you will receive yet another 40 free spins – this time for Twin Spin.

Are you still here? Get over to Viking Slots right now!

Betway adds Horse Racing to Their Repertoire of Sports

Betway is a relatively newer member of a host of sports betting sites that are available in the UK. Started out in 2006, Betway has so far managed to stay true to their promise of being a complete package of sports betting and online casino games.

Betway uses Microgaming for most of their currently available games. A few live games were recently tried out using NetEnt platform, as well. However, the biggest attraction at Betway has always been their advanced user-centric sports betting facilities.

The sports covered so far at Betway included most of English football leagues including the Premier League; county cricket; rugby and tennis.

Betway adds horse racing

However, in a recent release, the company has announced that they have secured official betting ties with a number of major and minor racing championships in the UK.

The UK sports betting is primarily dominated by the big three betting companies in Ladbrokes, PaddyPower and Bet365. These racing deals are widely seen as an effort from Betway to further strengthen their grip on the remainder of the UK sports betting scene. This rings true especially in the context that Betway managed to secure the Queen Mother Champion Chase for three years straight, starting from 2014.

Alan Elgar of Betway, in an enthusiastic response, exclaimed that Betway was ‘thrilled’ to be a part of the UK racing sports –especially some of the courses that have a historic standing in the UK racing and sports culture.

Everything put together, Betway has £1 million, or thereabouts, already pledged as the prize money for various racing events and more would definitely be added to that once the pending contracts with some major races go through to completion.

NBA Will Not Oppose Canadian Sports Betting Bill

IOC states that legal betting helps to build stronger attachment of fans to a sport Betting on single games is banned in Canada but active campaigns from individuals and groups has forced the Canadian Senate to consider a bill presently referred to as “C-290” which can repeal the ban and make sports betting legal in Canada. Though the bill had been cleared in the House of Commons around three years ago, it was stuck in Senate and will expire in June if not cleared by its members. Members of parliament that are in favour of the bill are not very hopeful of the bill going through this year either, due to the mixed reaction of the legislature with regards to sports betting.



Opinion of professional sports organisations on this bill

All the top professional sports organisation of United States comprising of NCAA, National Football League, National Hockey League and Major League Baseball are opposing the bill. The International Olympic Committee however supports this bill as it would lead to regulated sports betting instead of the current illegal activity that is happening in the country. IOC states that legal betting helps to build stronger attachment of fans to a sport and generates money that can help in financing the sport. But other sporting organisations have sent strong protest letters to Senate stating that the bill will affect integrity and trust of public in the game.


View of NBA about the bill

Along with Canadian Soccer Association, Canadian Labour Council, Canadian Chamber of Commerce and several gaming regulators, operators and municipal governments now the National Basketball Association has joined the list of supporters for the bill. Their argument is that it will bring in much needed funds to the sport and protect people from being scammed by illegal operators. According to the Vice President of Canadian Gaming Association, if this bill gets rejected by Senate, another bill will get drafted with stronger safeguards next session of Parliament as sports betting is now a part of professional sports in the country.

New Horse Race Betting App from Derby Games

New Horse Race Betting App From Derby Games

Derby Games has come up with a new betting app for iOS users in the USA. This mobile app is called Derby Jackpot and it is a real-money app for horse race betting.

Hit the jackpot

Horse racing by Derby GamesDerby Jackpot is the first real-money app for horse race betting that Apple has approved for its users. Through this app by Derby Games horse racing enthusiasts can watch and bet on horse races across the US through their mobile devices. This certainly makes it easier to bet on horse races and no doubt the app will gain in popularity amongst race betting fans.

Apple has been okay with real-money apps if proper licensing is in place. It has been allowing such apps on its devices if all conditions are met. One of the conditions is that the app is available for free in its app store. Another condition is that app use must be limited to places, which the license permits. It seems Derby Jackpot meets all conditions set by Apple.

Betting on horse races through the app is quite simple. Bettors have to select a horse and the betting amount and use the ‘place bet’ button in the app. Then all they have to do is watch the race and see if they won or lost the bet.

A good deal

The idea of horse race betting app certainly seems like a good business decision. As of now such apps are not widely available for mobile devices. Google hasn’t allowed real-money apps for betting yet and Apple certainly is quite stricter about licensing of such apps. The availability of real-money bets for horse race gambling may certainly prove profitable for all parties involved. The app interface is simple and allows for maximum fun. Bets can be as low as 10 cents but can offer huge rewards.

Cabbie Wins £90,000 on a Whim and a Dream

Taxi driver wins casino jackpotGamblers who have been dreaming of a big win in their future, take heart: a big jackpot might not just be in your imagination. That’s the lesson from one lucky cab driver who scooped up a jackpot of almost £90,000 at a local bookmakers in the Southend of London.

Gokel Selay was having a slow night picking up fares in London’s Southend when he decided to step in to the Genting Club Westcliff to try his luck at the tables and he played roulette. Selay moved on to blackjack on a whim the proved extremely lucky. A short while after starting to play, Selay was dealt four Aces, the hand to win the Blackjack Aces jackpot.

Selay told reporters that he does not usually play blackjack, preferring roulette on most nights, but he was down on his luck with the wheel, when he saw the growing Blackjack Aces jackpot, he decided to switch over to the blackjack tables. As it turns out, Selay might just be a little bit psychic. He said that he had just had a dream a few nights earlier about winning a big jackpot. It was slow night for fares, so Selay followed his dream and headed to the local bookmakers.

The 57 year-old taxi driver from Cyprus said he plans to use his winnings to fix up the family homestead, buy a new car for his wife, as well as to put some money aside for his two teenaged children.

The manager of the Genting Club Westcliff, Simon Woodford, said that Selay’s win was the biggest blackjack jackpot the casino had ever seen. Woodford added that he and the entire staff were extremely happy for Selay, who had become a good friend to them all over the years.

Learn About Sports Betting History at Mob Museum

Are you an avid sports betting enthusiast and are keen on gaining more knowledge about historical antecedents and background of sports betting? Do you want to learn how organized crime and law enforcement agencies are constantly at loggerheads with each other? Then visit the Mob Museum located in downtown Las Vegas to understand how the top czars of gambling carry out business and stay away from controversies and crime. With sports betting being a topic of hot debate around the world, the Mob Museum will organise a courtroom conversation about history of sports betting in United States on January 21. The topic will be discussed among lawmakers, media and general public where each group will put forth its views on the topic.

Mob Museum sports betting

Sports betting in the United States

Though sports’ betting has been allowed in Vegas since early 1931, there are interesting stories in history about the activity being illegally carried out in other cities, which have led to controversies and scandals. Experts like Pete Bernhard, Barry Lieberman, Art Manteris and Ted Sevransky will present details about the machinations involved in Black Sox Scandal of 1919 and how organized crime has always managed to retain its grip over illegal bookmaking and sports betting. Listed among “20 places every American should see” by Fox News, the museum contains engaging exhibits and artifacts.

To keep a check on criminal elements in sports betting, the Nevada racing industry is trying to maintain integrity by keeping a constant check on illegal elements trying to influence the games. The museum has interactive show with high tech displays called Tropicana showing visitors recreated scenes of early casino days. Though sports’ betting is legal in Nevada, Oregon and a couple of more states it is fully operational only in Nevada. According to estimates nearly $400 billion is transacted every year in illegal sports betting across the nation.