Cabbie Wins £90,000 on a Whim and a Dream

Taxi driver wins casino jackpotGamblers who have been dreaming of a big win in their future, take heart: a big jackpot might not just be in your imagination. That’s the lesson from one lucky cab driver who scooped up a jackpot of almost £90,000 at a local bookmakers in the Southend of London.

Gokel Selay was having a slow night picking up fares in London’s Southend when he decided to step in to the Genting Club Westcliff to try his luck at the tables and he played roulette. Selay moved on to blackjack on a whim the proved extremely lucky. A short while after starting to play, Selay was dealt four Aces, the hand to win the Blackjack Aces jackpot.

Selay told reporters that he does not usually play blackjack, preferring roulette on most nights, but he was down on his luck with the wheel, when he saw the growing Blackjack Aces jackpot, he decided to switch over to the blackjack tables. As it turns out, Selay might just be a little bit psychic. He said that he had just had a dream a few nights earlier about winning a big jackpot. It was slow night for fares, so Selay followed his dream and headed to the local bookmakers.

The 57 year-old taxi driver from Cyprus said he plans to use his winnings to fix up the family homestead, buy a new car for his wife, as well as to put some money aside for his two teenaged children.

The manager of the Genting Club Westcliff, Simon Woodford, said that Selay’s win was the biggest blackjack jackpot the casino had ever seen. Woodford added that he and the entire staff were extremely happy for Selay, who had become a good friend to them all over the years.