For many online casinos, promotions are the name of the game. As 2014 begins to unfold, Game Village takes this strategy to heart and increases the excitement for players both far and wide. Prizes and bonuses are overflowing for anyone logging on to play with them. The first spectacular offer to come the way of players is a Bingo offer with exclusive opportunities for new players. A 10-pound, no deposit bonus is being presented on top of a cash match bonus of up to 250 percent. New players get these advantages along with a 10-pound gift voucher.

There are very few limitations to the promotions that they are offering as well. Players only need to make a 14 or 20-pound deposit in order to receive gifts that include points on deposits, cards free of charge, and cash gifts. The virtual bingo halls also offer unique chances for winning. A full house on Ball 10 earns players cash prizes and other bonuses. Prizes start at 10 pounds and increase by 10 pounds each and every day until a winner is found. Once the jackpot has been claimed, the winnings begin again at 10 pounds.

The Village Inn gives players the chance to quickly win 100 pounds when they guess the correct number of the first balls during the last hour of game play. Should the precise number not be guessed, players on both sides of the total will be awarded 50 pounds each. Guesses can be made each day online through the all-accessible forum. Speed Bingo draws in a huge number of players on a regular basis, giving them the chance to win their part of 1000 pounds. The players with the most wins is placed in a prize drawing that takes place daily. Getting in on the action with 90 Ball Bingo on a daily basis provides the chance to 10 ponds on top of entrance into a drawing for 22 valuable prizes.