Matt Myles

Lottery Winner Returns Home after Months

There are many outlandish tales of lottery winners all over the world. Some save and spend on necessities; others spend it all in one go and end up where they were financially. Then there are those who first splurge in style and then think of the essentials such as a house or a car. One Matt Myles falls in this last category of lottery winners.

Winning and spending in style

Matt Myles at 27 years of age has won the big million prize from the EuroMillions Raffle by National Lottery. He worked in a factory in Hereford, but he quit his job upon his winning the big sum. Saving himself from a life of on shift after another, the young winner decided to celebrate in style.

In less than three days after winning the jackpot, he was already on his way to Indonesia to join a group of friends. Since then he has been to one exciting location to another all over the world.

His brother has been his constant companion on most of his trips. He has also paid for some of his friends when they accompanied him to various exotic locations. So far he has been to many locations in south-east Asia, to Hong Kong, to Brazil to witness the soccer world cup excitement, Peru, Australia, Ibiza, Egypt and others. He also used three months to do some voluntary work in Africa. His travels after his £1 million lottery win have made him the topics of many news features.


That is not all

Matt Myles has also invested a part of winning sum and also used some funds to start a real estate business with his brother. He also hopes to enrol for a course to become an airline pilot, which doesn’t come as a surprise given his love of travelling. Showing his responsible side, it seems he has set himself a splurge limit of £100,000.

National Lottery has created many winners in its 20 year history. From the initial group of winners in 1994 to incredibly stylish spenders like Matt Myles, National Lottery has changed many lives over the years in more ways than one.

Horse trainer

Legendary Horse Trainer Toby Balding Dies at Age 78

Tony Balding, one of the leading horse trainers in the UK, passed away on Thursday at the age of 78. Figures from the racing world lined up to pay their respects to a man many consider one of the best trainers in the history of horse racing.

Balding twice trained horses that won the Grand National, which is widely considered to be the most prestigious horse racing event in the UK. His first victor in the Grand National was Highland Wedding, who ran to victory in 1969. Balding trained his second Grand National winner two decades later, when his horse Little Polvier came out victorious in 1989.Tony Balding with horse

In addition to his famous triumphs at the Grand National, Balding was also famous for training Beech Road when he won the Champion Hurdle in 1989. Balding again had a horse win the Champion Hurdle, when he trained Morley Street before his 1991 victory. He also was widely praised for the job he did training Cool Ground on his way to a triumph in the Gold Cup in 1992.

Born in the United States in 1936, Balding moved with his family to the UK in 1945. He attended Marlborough College. In 1956, Balding began his legendary horse training career at the age of 19.

As well as being famous for his horse training prowess, Balding is also remembered for his instrumental role in shaping the careers of two legendary jockeys, Tony McCoy and Adrian Maguire. Balding gave both of these men their first jobs in the horse racing world, and both men credit his guidance as one of the key factors in making them the great jockeys they eventually became. Balding trained over 2,000 winners during his spectacular career. He finally bid goodbye to horse racing when he retired in 2004.

In recognition of his services to the world of horse racing, the queen awarded Balding an MBE in 2011. Balding will be greatly missed by many key figures in horse racing, including his niece Clare Balding, who is an anchor on BBC Sport.

Online Casino

Spanish players, which online casino is for you?

Online CasinoFor years, the gambling industry in Spain was not regulated. However, after the country experienced severe financial problems in 2008, the gambling industry was brought under greater scrutiny and regulations. The legalisation and the regulations of online betting had begun even earlier in 2006.


What does it mean for the online gambling scene in Spain?

The formalisation that began in 2006 by the Spanish government continued over the years in making stricter laws for the online gaming industry. It covered everything from licensing to sports betting. The legalisation of sports betting and regulations of gambling laws organised the fragmented gambling industry in Spain that works out for all parties involved – the government, the casino owners, and the players as well.

Under strict government regulations, all casinos are now under the radar. This is good news for gamers and players, especially when it comes to online casinos. This is because with proper laws in place, players can feel a lot safer using real money at their online gaming sites.


What are the safe online casinos for players?

Since most online casinos accept players from all over the world, for Spanish players, it is in their best interest to play at casinos that have procured the necessary licensing to operate in Spain.

One safe option for Spanish gamers is 888casino. The best thing about this online casino is that it is run by a local Spanish operator. Here, Spanish players can play all casino games including live dealer games using secure payment options.

Another safe option for Spanish gambling fans is bet365. At this online casino, players can try their hands at all casino games and even at sports betting. This is another Spanish brand that is popular with players from across the world.

There is another local brand available for Spanish gamers, if that’s what they are looking for. Betway Casino has all the card games like bingo and poker, and an excellent customer support service to help the players with their queries and concerns.

However, there are also other online casinos that are not local brands, but do have the permission to operate in Spain. Names like Titanbet and Betfair Casino are well known among gambling enthusiasts, and Spanish players can play at these casinos without any concerns about secure payment options or any other issues.

mobile gambling

Huge Rise in Mobile Gambling


Huge Rise in Mobile Gambling2The technology associated with mobile applications has definitely been growing on an exponential level. Along with those changes, the perceptions of mobile gambling are also being altered. There was a time when people were skeptical about the possible impact of mobile gambling. “Why would we want to play casino games on our cell phone?” That was the old response to mobile gambling. Times have changed since then.

The new iPhone model was announced this week, and it provided a snapshot into how important mobiles have become to the modern generation. Aside from the glitz and glamor associated with the announcement, the details of the presentation were telling. People are very concerned with how much memory a phone has, what the screen size will be, and what types of games they will get to play on it.

With Apple and Android competing over getting people to buy their phones, software developers have been benefiting from this battle. The more phones these two companies sell, the more downloads each popular software will get. Mobile gambling has definitely helped from this phenomenon.

Simple Games –

The beauty of mobile gambling is that everything is very simple. Instead of having a high graphics game that tries (and usually fails) to replicate the Vegas experience, mobile apps give people what they want. These applications allow gamblers to focus on the matter at hand: their next betting decision. Whether it is a mobile poker game, blackjack game, or mobile sports betting app, there has been a huge surge in popularity for these products.

The modern online gambler wants something simple. They do not want a mobile gambling application that takes them weeks to learn. The mobile gambling apps that succeed are the ones you can download, enter your personal and payment information, and begin gambling within minutes. By creating these applications, software developers and mobile gambling companies are opening a huge avenue of potential revenues.

Mobile gambling is only 10-15 percent of revenue for typical online gambling sites, but the numbers are growing more every year. In ten or fifteen years, that percentage will be 60 or 70 percent.

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Online Gaming

Online Gaming Company Tabcorp Sets Its Sights on Increasing Keno Revenue


When it comes to mobile gaming, the seemingly endless expansion of the technology to sustain business seems to be fueling the economic growth the industry has been looking for. With tablets and smart phones getting increasingly better and faster, the creation of mobile gaming apps for betting of all types is increasing. One such company that has capitlized on this is the Australian based Tabcorp. They’re a company which has seen tremendous growth in all of their online betting divisions this year, with the exception of one: Keno. Their keno division, while it did not fall lower, was the only division not to show a marked increase in their earnings this year. For that reason, the executives at Tabcorp are planning to make that division’s growth a priority.

As Tabcorp continues to grow and expand, their dividends from the stocks are also expected to follow suit. The concerns that the executives have over the lack of growth in one area are being addressed so as to maintain their brand and company’s growth from investments and customers alike. While some may argue that the growth they saw with their myriad of other products and services negates their concern over the stagnant keno division, they’re taking no chances. It has, in fact, been stated that they hold a cautiously optimistic outlook for 2015’s investments and growth. The corporation has even recently posted a small lift in their payouts to investors in 2015, increasing the payout from 81% to 90%.

This stated attempt to increase the division providing their keno services throughout the globe on various electronic games and mobile apps is indicative of several things. First, it’s a good indicator that the mobile gaming business is only going to continue to increase in the future. Second, it’s an indicator that there will likely be some great start-up offers for keno players coming up in order to generate more traffic and users to their apps and services. And, finally, it’s a good sign that the Tabcorp executives are taking great pride and care in maintaining a strong and effective brand, staying at the top of their game in the global gaming industry.

How to Make Your Online Gaming More Secure

Online Casino Security

If you visit online casinos, there is one thing that is even more important than your betting and playing strategies: The protection of your personal information. Read on to learn how to make your online casino visit more secure.

When playing at online casinos, the biggest responsibility lies with you. You need to be sure that your computer has a strong firewall and the latest anti-virus protection. Also, make a regular check of your credit card statements. Look for any unauthorized charges, and report any such charges to your credit card company immediately.

Do you place bets when playing at online casinos? If so, it’s a good idea to play only on sites that use offsite payment services such as Paypal. You could also choose sites that use third party processing services that take you to another site before you enter your personal information.

Even if you’re only playing for free, you aren’t completely safe. If you’ve entered personal information when opening an account with an online casino, hackers could still obtain sensitive information about you, such as your Social Security number. They can do this by hacking onto the site, getting your name and address, and attaining your IP address when you log onto the site. Once a clever hacker has this information, getting your Social Security number could only be a matter of time.

You should also play only on secure online casinos. You can find these casinos by keeping up with industry-related blogs. Bloggers keep each other up to date regarding which sites are and are not safe.

Another way you can check the security of a site is to look and see if there is an icon of a lock in your browser’s lower right hand corner. The lock icon indicates that it is a safe site. Some safe sites also use https:// instead of http:// in their URLs. Be sure and keep an eye open for both of these when looking for a secure site.

Make certain you follow these tips in order to enhance the security of your online gaming. To keep up to date on the latest gaming tips, visit

Sports Betting

Our Favourite Sports Betting Events From 2013

Every year, there is a ton of sporting events to watch and bet on. Some are more exciting when events like the Olympics and the World Cup series of games like football or cricket is scheduled. Not counting these, there is lots happening every year in the field of sports that can excite fans who like to bet on games. Here are some exciting sports betting events from 2013.

Golf – The Masters


The Masters was the first major golfing event in 2013, and the betting lines were buzzing like crazy. Rory McIlroy was craving to add the Masters to his two wins in major events. Tiger Woods The mastersand Phil Mickelson were both in great form.


Football – Champions League


Every football player wants to win a Champions League title just as much as he wants to win the world cup series. The excitement amongst fans was no less for the Champions League, resulting in a betting frenzy.


Rugby – World Cup


The event took place in England, Wales, Ireland, and France, and being the world cup series, bets on winning teams and star players were many.


Cycling – Tour de France


The scandal involving one of the most celebrated sports person in the world hasn’t dampened the betting excitement amongst the fans of this elite cycling event. The event in 2013 was one of the favourite sporting events to place bets on.


Tennis – Wimbledon


Out of all the tennis events, Wimbledon is one where betting reaches unprecedented heights. Will it be someone who has already won several times or will there be a new champion? – The question is sure to be worrying fans all over the world each year and not surprisingly, it is one of the favourite sporting events to bet on.


Cricket – The Ashes


Bets are placed on every international cricket game. However, even in cricket, there are games that are markedly different simply in terms of the excitement that surround them. In 2013, the England team was favoured to win the legendary series while Australia had a lot at stake, being under pressure to perform and bring the trophy back home after their 2010-2011 series loss to the former.



Golden Riviera Casino Launches Two New Mobile Games

Football Star and Treasure Palace promises rich rewards and sporty entertainment The future of online gaming has arrived at Golden Riviera Mobile Casino. Together with Microgaming™, they are spoiling their players with mobile games that can only be described as top notch and this May there are two new titles to add to the catalogue. Games go live Thursday, 8th May 2014. Football Star will turn the countdown to the Football World Cup into a sport in its own right.

This 5-Reel, 243-Ways-to-Win will transport players straight to the pitch with perfect audio and striking visuals. The full team of special features include Stacked Wilds, Rolling Reels™ and Free Spins with a 10x Multiplier. However, the real star is the Striking Wild feature – an animated striker takes a shot at goal and when he scores, the entire Reel turns Wild! Most excitingly Football Star launches simultaneously across all gaming platforms so all Golden Riviera players can get in on the action.

Football Star Slot

Treasure Palace is an exotic Arabian-themed Slot game boasting 5-Reels and 9-Paylines of rich rewards. The royal prince, in his ruby-encrusted turban, is ready to dish out a 10,000-coin jackpot for any player lucky enough to please his grace. “These games will add to the quality of the entertainment we offer our players,” said casino manager and spokesperson, Max Stern. “Football Star is perfect for the run-up to the World Cup in Brazil and Treasure Palace certainly gets the royal seal of approval. We hope everyone enjoys these games as much as we do.”

Treasure Palace Slot

These are just the latest games on offer, but there are more than 30 mobile games available and because they are provided by Microgaming™, the world leader in gaming software, they are guaranteed to boast superior functionality and payouts players can trust.Banking security is a top priority and a range of banking options are available, from credit cards to web wallet services. All banking and personal information is carried over 128-bit encryption technology, an industry standard.

But should gamers have any queries or need assistance they can contact the multilingual contact centre. It is open 24/7 and is available via live chat, email and toll free number. Combine this with secure banking and the eCOGRA seal of approval, players are in the safest hands in mobile gaming. New players are off to a good start when they sign up at Golden Riviera Online Casino. There is 3-Tier Deposit Bonus of $/€/£500 Free when they sign up. Their first deposit will be matched 100% up to$/€/£150, their second is matched 25% up to$/€/£200 and the third is matched 50% up to $/€/£150 – that’s a whole lot of extra gaming to enjoy!

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Betting Scandal

Son Of Upstanding UK Detective Involved In Australian Open Scam


The betting scandal that rocked the sports world earlier this year at the Australian Open has been undergoing a series of trials and investigations after six different people were accused of ‘courtsiding,’ or passing along insider information to bettors before the information on the game hit the television screens elsewhere in the world. Amongst serious sports bettors, this type of inside information can dramatically change the outcome of their bets, and could make or break someone’s ability to win big. With the advancements we’ve made in modern technology, it’s hard to keep tabs on everyone’s activity, but officials set to monitor the audience for suspicious activity picked up on the behavior nonetheless.

One young man that seems to be at the center of this is Daniel Dobson. The twenty-two year old Briton is a somewhat shocking candidate for pulling such a stunt. One reason those who know him were surprised to hear of his alleged involvement in the scandal is that Dobson works for a company called Sporting Data which prides itself on being a reputable company that relays stats and information on sporting events around the world. The company immediately issued a public statement pointing out that the actions Dobson took were of his own free accord, and that they were in no way connected to his work for Sports Data. However, perhaps even more shocking than a Sports Data employee partaking in such insider trading is the idea that the son of one of the most upstanding and respected detectives in all of Britain would be involved in the illegal activity.

Daniel Dobson’s father, Tim Dobson, is one of the leading detectives who was assigned the task of investigating the sudden disappearance of Madeleine McCann. For those following the McCann story, the juxtaposition of the hard work Tim Dobson is doing to bring justice with the immoral activity of his son, Daniel, is quite a jarring shock. While neither the young man nor his father have made any statements on the clear opposition of their paths – one in law enforcement, another in crime – it seems that this father-son duo might have some growing pains that they are going to continue to work through.

After a short stay in Melbourne following his arrest, Daniel Dobson posted $9,000 bail and returned to his home in New Malden. While no new advancements have been made in the case regarding Dobson, he has been granted the ability to return to his home only under the condition that he return to Melbourne if asked to do so following the completion of the ongoing investigation.

Card Player of the Year

As poker continues to draw enthusiastic hopefuls to the tables each year, only a few emerge victorious.

The 2014 Card Player of the Year race has just started, and things are shaping up nicely for a few new hopefuls.

Card Player of the year 2014

The 2014 Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure had a big impact on overall standings this week in the race for 2014 Card Player of the Year. Over 1,000 players showed up for this $10,300 No-Limit Hold’em main event with a guaranteed price pool of $10,000,000. The winner was Dominik Panka, a 22 year old Polish player. As a player in Europe, he made European Poker Tour history as the first Polish player to win an EPT main event. He earned $1,423,096 and 2,400 POY points which put him in first place standings for the 2014 Card Player of the Year. Panka also placed in two other cash events in 2013 in London and Barcelona.

Second place went to Mike McDonald with winnings of $1,064,865 and 2000 POY points. McDonald is a young Canadian player who has dominated some major tournaments. His first major win was in 2007 where he placed 14th in the European Poker Tour main event held in Prague. This young man, barely over 18 years old, won more that $28,000 in the Prague event. In 2008, he followed that up with three cash wins in the 2008 Aussie Millions, and became the youngest person to win an EPT event when he won in Dortmund, Germany. His unique poker strategies have made him a big contender on the poker circuit at such a young age.

Third place was secured by Issac Barron, a US player from California. Baron has racked up a lot of cash and made quite a name for himself in online poker and poker cards tournaments. In 2007, he was named the first-ever Card Player Online Player of the Year. His online wins include the Poker Stars Sunday Million for $254,517, the Full Tilt $750,000 guaranteed tournament, and a Poker Stars $75,000 event. In 2008, he finished in fourth place in the 2008 European Poker Tour Grand Final winning more that $900,000 and in 2009, won the Caesars Palace Classic.